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"Growing Tree” - international training course for coordinators of volunteers and Erasmus+ projects

CDA is seeking for 3 participants for attending an international training course in Czech Republic, in the period 16-25 July, 2016. The project «Growing Tree » is a training course that will host 24 participants from 8 different countries in the beautiful countryside of the Czech Republic. The project aims to increase competences of the coordinators of volunteers and Erasmus+ projects who are responsible for participants selection, evaluation of their learning and involvement of youth leaders.

Growing Tree is a mobility of youth workers which aims to support motivated youth workers, youth leaders and coordinators of volunteers who would like to improve their work with young people within Erasmus+ program. We would like to avoid project travelers whose primary aim is to have fun and see the world and focus on participants whose organizations and groups can benefit from their participation in the Growing Tree training course.


The project will gather 24 participants ( 3 representatives from each country) from — Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Macedonia, Georgia, Italy, Moldova and Romania. Participants should be over 18 years old and there is no upper limit. They should be active Erasmus+ coordinators and volunteer coordinators in their sending organizations. Participants should work in sending organization for Erasmus+ projects and they should be the key members or responsible for human resources or work with volunteers or be responsible for public relations. Participants should have good command of English, and be willing and committed to work hard :-)

Please fill in the application form till 4th of June, 18:00.

More information on the project you will find accessing the INFOPACK.
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