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ERASMUS+ Youth Exchange in Konya, Turkey

CDA is seeking for 6 motivated young people to attend the ”MEVLANA’S TOLERANCE GARDEN” Youth Exchange in the Frame of ERASMUS+, that will take place in Konya, Turkey, between 6-13th of July. The event is organized by CEO Countrywide Educational Organizations, with the support of European Commission.

The project is prepared by inspiring from the worldwide popular sentences of Mevlana “Come, come whoever you are.” and it is based on the values of Mevlana such as respect, love, peace, toleration and opponent of discrimination, pluralism. Our project aims to develop the relationship between our country and European countries relying on the toleration and respect in the European Union adjustment process. It also targets to destroy the negative thinking as islamophobia, becoming very popular.

The aims to make a significant contribution to struggles against Islamophobia, strengthening the social adaptation, preventing xenophobia and adopting the tolerance. During the project visits to local managements and political parties will be done, and the introduction of the democratic structure and positive steps of European Union membership process for youth will be promoted.

Participant Countries: Turkey, Italy, Greece, Moldova and Romania
Number of Participants (per team): 5
Number of Leaders (per team): 1
Target Group: 18 – 30 years old – (Leaders with no age limit)
Date: To be announced (First weeks of July is foreseen)
Venue: Konya / Turkey
Language: English
Participation Fee: 100 euro

You can find the INFOPACK HERE
If you are interested, send us your motivation letter to adc@usalumni.md.