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Library Driving Access to Knowledge: Action for Europe

During April 13-15th Mariana Harjevschi attend two major events for library community – Copyright and Legal Matters committee (CLM) mid-term meeting and the presidential IFLA meeting that took place in Hague, Netherlands.

CLM meeting was a unique opportunity for Mariana Harjevschi to keep updated on current movements in copyright and legal matters and to share about local developments accomplished by the Library Association from Moldova with library experts from around the world that have significant expertise in the library and legal matters issues. CLM meeting was a compulsory event to be attended by Mariana Harjevschi as she is a member of the CLM Committee, selected to serve the mandate from 2009 through 2013. Thus at this meeting Mariana reported on the state of affairs in respect of copyright in Moldova and other legal issues of international significance to libraries (legal deposit, electronic publishing). Besides, by participating at this meeting it was demonstrated the implication of Moldova's library community on international arena in assessing the copyright legislation from librarians' prospective regarding access to information and knowledge. Additionally, the copyright legislation from Moldova was appreciated by the International Consumers Organization (see the country report on a2knetwork.org/reports/moldova) in respect to access to information.

The presidential IFLA meeting was a stimulus, as this gave the opportunity to update knowledge in the area of different library issues of international significance to library and information services, as well as to share Moldovan experience in the field of access to information as a human right, copyright and libraries and open access. Representing the Library Association it was important to deliver the message regarding the Moldovan framework of development for libraries.

I was delighted to meet so many delegates from all over Europe, and especially representatives from European Commission, as well as librarians, with whom I have had the opportunity to be engaged in energetic discussions and listen presentations that put firmly libraries and their contribution on the political agenda on European arena.
Beside promising program I was fortunate to visit the Huge Public Library and the Royal Library, as well as the Headquarter of the International Federation of Library Associations.

My sincere thanks for the Small Grant Program from the US Embassy in Moldova that supported my attendance to these events.
Mariana Harjevschi

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