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Do you want a life changing experience?
Would you like to meet teenagers from all over the country? To speak English an entire week? To learn how to manage your own project? To gain leadership skills and learn to work in a team?
Wave Week Moldova 2013 is the best choice!
Wave Week Moldova is a leadership and community service program affiliated with Spark the Wave USA and organized inMoldova by the Creative Development Association (Asociatia pentru Dezvoltare Creativa). The program consists of summer camps, alumni meetings, follow-up projects organized by the delegates. This is one of the first programs in Moldova which combines both leadership and community service concepts, taught exclusively in English. Wave Week is at its 5th edition inMoldova.
Benefits of Wave Week Moldova:
This program will teach you skills like: effective communication in English and Romanian, group leadership, planning and marketing a great volunteer event, fundraising and budget planning, motivating team members, presentation skills, conflict resolution, diversity awareness and others. It is a unique summer opportunity that combines both a stimulating training program, conducted by American and Moldovan trainers, and exciting interactive activities. The alumni of the program implement their own service projects; they become leaders in their communities and better persons, make a positive change in their communities!
WHEN: Summer Camp — 12-17 August 2013, followed by active volunteer projects during September-November 2013
WHERE: Summer Camp — Vadul-lui-Voda, camp Bradulet
WHO: Teenagers aged 14-17, with advanced English knowledge
COST: 300 lei, payable upon notification of acceptance
How to apply? Find and fill in the Application Form, visiting www.waveweekmoldova.wordpress.com and send it in no later than the 1st of JUNE (priority deadline) or 15th of JUNE (late registration deadline). You will then be contacted for an interview.
Contact person: Alina Gîlca, project coordinator at gilcaalina@yahoo.com/ waveweek.moldova@usalumni.md, 069067308 or Creative Development Association, www.usalumni.md str. Mitropolit Varlaam 65, et. 4, of. 413, Tel/fax: +373. 22.276.506;
Wave Week Moldova 2013 is financed by Spark the Wave USA and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldovaand is organized by the Creative Development Association www.usalumni.md, together with STW USA www.sparkthewave.org.