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Be the WAVE of change in your community!
Creative Development Association (CDA) invites you to participate at Wave Week Moldova 2014, together with other 50 teenagers ( age 14-17) from throughout Moldova, American volunteers and motivated CDA staff members.
Wave Week Moldova is a leadership and volunteering program which consists of a summer schoolin English, community service projects developed and implemented by the participants, a self-development platform and experience shared between the alumni of the program.
Wave Week Moldova program is organized by the Creative Development Association and supported by Spark the Wave USA and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

What do you benefit by participating in the program?
— develop leadership and teamwork abilities;
— acquire skills in effective interpersonal and intercultural communication, conflict resolution, planning and implementing volunteering projects;
— gain knowledge and experience in implementing service projects contributing for the wellbeing of your community.

The Alumni volunteering projects will be implemented in July-October 2014.

Contact Person: Gîlca Alina, Wave Week Moldova Coordinator, Creative Development Association waveweek.moldova@usalumni.md, 069 067 308
Creative Development Association str. Varlaam 65, et. 4, of.413, MD-2012 mun.Chişinău, Republica Moldova
www.usalumni.md Tel: +373.22.276.506
Costul: 500 lei