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CDA promotes the leader

The promotion of volunteer and active citizenship values is one of the Creative Development Association's priorities. So, in the frame of this goal, we are implementing leadership programs, at the local and national level, as Wave Week Moldova and Fii Schimbarea, in which young generation are getting skills and knowledge about leadership and creative problem solutions, these are Followed Up by local Projects in which young people are developing their own volunteering projects.

So far, CDA is creating opportunities for youth to attend international projects as well by setting partnerships with international organizations, such as DRONI from Georgia. Due to this partnership, 8 volunteers from Moldova spent in Georgia good time, attending tow training courses on Social Media an PR „Rule Information, Be Powerful” and Leadership „Future Leaders Laboratory”.

The volunteers had to represent their country, being true ambassadors of Moldova and good examples of social involved people. Both projects were supported by European Commission, in the frame of ERASMUS + Program.

Here you will find some useful links, were you can find some interesting opportunities: www.facebook.com/YOUSARDINIA?pnref=lhc