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ERASMUS+ Program, YOUTH EXCHANGE: Puppets & Play - puppetry as a pedagogical tool of learning, Denmark

Puppets & Play — puppetry as a pedagogical tool of learning, is an Erasmus + project, that will be held in Sadvig, Denmark, between August 27 (arrival day) and 6 of September (departure day).

The project aims to put together young people from Northern parts of Europe that are losing touch with their cultural heritage and crafts and have limited skills in crafting, but are hugely experienced in thinking inventively and creatively using a broad specter of digital tools, with groups from South East Europe with some practical crafting skills who need inspiration to develop their creativity and innovation skills and to become more accustomed to using digital tools.

This project will provide both kind of groups opportunities to improve social competences cultural awareness and tools of problem solving through the tools of puppetry, crafts and creativity. The project aims to have a positive impact on society by empowering youngsters through learning by doing and taking initiative by giving the youngsters methods of reflection that will spark an awareness of possibilities helping materializing dreams.

The project sets these objectives:

(1) to give tools for making puppets and performances;
(2) to unlock creative barriers;
(3) to foster a DIY-attitude;
(4) to install confidence to take on life challenges;
(5) to engage in cultural exchange;
(6) to give space for breaking limits.

To make this project into a successful one we’re looking for participants who can contribute with a god will and interest in learning about their own and other's culture, rites and history. The participants will be young people in the age 15-22 who interested in crafts, arts and the appliance of digital technology in the arts.

1. Experience or interest in puppetry/storytelling;
2. Creative input;
3. Crafting skills;
4. Cultural heritage, history and folklore, are an advantage!

For applying, we expect you to fill in the APPLICATION FORM!

See the AGENDA of the event, and the HOTEL in which the participants will be hosted. The food and the accommodation are covered 100% by the hosting organization, and the travel costs reimbursement is done according to the ERASMUS + rules.