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Be Super Social! We are still looking for 3 motivated participants from Moldova.

In the era of social media and constant access to internet the concept of ‘socializing’ has changed dramatically. It is no longer sufficient to meet in person and discuss current issues face to face with a couple of people. Nowadays, if you want to have your voice heard, you need to create networks, manage contacts, display content and most importantly – be social in the social media. But is this ‘shouting contest’ anyway useful in the youth work? The project ‘Super Social” is designed precisely to find that out.

— If you are interested in social media mechanisms and tools used in your daily activity;
— You want to know how to build strong social campaigns (both in social and ‘traditional’ media);
— You want to create innovative ways of promotion that are relevant both for NGOs and in business sector;
— If you wonder how can gamification be used as a method for engaging youth and stakeholders;
— If you want to explore technical tools in photography and videography;
— You have to share experience and knowledge on social issues with other participants from different countries and initiate future partnership;
— If you want your sense of entrepreneurship get stimulated…

APLLY for the Eramsus + Training Course «Super Social. Training course for youth workers», that will take part in Armenia, during 24-31 October, 2015. The activity is organized by Institute for Eastern Initiatives and Stepanavan Youth Centre.

More information about the Training Course, find it in the INFOPACK

Apply by filling in the FORM!

If you are interested in participating please send the form to our partner orgasation from Moldova, CREATORII represented by Vergiliu Grosu vergiliu.grosu@gmail.com no later than Sunday, 04.10.2015.