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EFL mentors registration

Dear US alumni,
By filling in this form you are about to apply for a volunteering opportunity that will allow you to share about your experience in the US and even shape the expectations on what the exchange period will be and feel like for this year's FLEX finalists from many different countries!

We want to assure you that your contribution is highly appreciated and your connection to the participants will become one of the most valuable memories to them. We expect the selected mentors to take full responsibility when engaged in this activity.

Main activity: spend 2 hours a week (July 8th — August 11) while helping the student to make a presentation about their country in Powerpoint, Prezi or any other platform of your preference. Other activities are optional but encouraged (attend events such as: American Picnic, Parties, etc.)

We will contact you with further information.

For any questions, contact us at office@americancouncils.md or gavrilita.r@gmail.com

Register by May, 30!