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Experimental ZOne - training in Georgia 17th-25th July, 2016

CDA is seeking for 1 motivated participant for an activity that will take part in Georgia. Experimental Z0ne is 8 days long semi-outdoor training course on the topic of group facilitation and group dynamics/processes, based on Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning methodologies. It is a methodology oriented training offering its participants intensive practical, real life experience followed by theoretical inputs and active experimentation of newly gained competences. The participants will go through an experiential learning circle and develop both inter and intra-personal awareness in the group context by developing practical and theoretical knowledge and skills in working with groups.

In doing so the youth workers will improve quality of their work with socially disadvantaged youth since the participants will have improved the competences in the area of working with groups and thereby have gained a deeper understanding of group processes. Hence the training course aims to give the participants an opportunity to develop practical skills in facilitation of groups and thereby improve the quality of inclusive youth work.

— To gain a deeper theoretical and practical understanding of the dynamics of group processes.
— To experience and reflect upon real life processes of a group.
— To gain practical tools and methods for group facilitation.
— To introduce outdoor education and experiential learning as an efficient methods while working with socially disadvantaged groups of young people.
— To give participants competences for designing educational activities based on the presented methodologies and provide a space for experimentation.
— To develop soft skills, specifically teamwork, leadership and cooperation among the participants.

Experimental Z0ne includes 3-4 days hiking trip in the mountains, in Borjom — Kharagauli National Park. By this the training provides a context for developing and observing group processes in practice and prepares a ground for deep reflected learning, as well as it creates an intensive experience that will hopefully be transferred by the participants in their own environments, to the groups they work with.

About the Training:

The target group of this training course is composed of youth workers, youth leaders, social workers, teachers and trainers who directly work with young people from excluded/vulnerable groups/Young people with fewer opportunities and/or represent these groups themselves. The participants should either be connected to or active in their local youth organization and be supported by the partner organization of this training course, (It doesn't necessarily have to be the same organization).

No particular experience in outdoor education is required, but an interest in the theme is essential. Moreover, preferably they should have an interest in experiential learning methodology and be willing to use it in their future work.

All in all the participants should:

• Ideally be aged 18 — 35;
• Be working on a local or regional level with socially excluded youth/youth with fewer opportunities;
• Have proven personal and organizational interest in this training course;
• Be willing to continue cooperation after the training;
• Be fully available during the whole training course (meaning 9 days including travel) and willing to participate actively;
• Able to work and discuss in the English language at least in an average level.

«Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you.» Aldous Huxley

If you are interested in getting new experience, fill in the APPLICATION FORMand send it to adc@usalumni.md with the title EXPERIMENTAL ZONE.

More information about the project you will find in the INFOPACK.