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A r t G e n e r a t o r - Youth exchange for young artists

CDA is seeking for 5 motivated young people to attend a Youth Exchange in Georgia, between 10-21 September, 2016. Art Generator is a 10 day Youth Exchange conducted in Kobuleti, Georgia; The project aims to give competencies to young people (aged 18-30) to combat gender inequality through art and innovations. The YE will bring young people from organizations in the Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Latvia, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Ukraine, to shape them into young changemakers.

The project will be carried out using various methods of nonformal education that will create a platform for multiplying and sharing the gained competencies. The project involves both theoretical content and practice to establish a setting for developing new activities. Through this project we expect a long-term benefit on the communities of the involved countries by having young leaders who actually can have an impact on them in terms of gender equality in society.

The youth exchange will bring 32 young people and 8 group leaders with the professional or semi-professional background in different kind of art from the organizations in 8 countries to shape them into young change makers through self-expression about gender issues. Our targeted participants for the youth exchange are young artists, photographers, painters, musicians, representatives of different kind of art, professional and semi-professional artists who would like to perform their art pieces during the youth exchange in Kobuleti.

More information about the program you will find in the INFOPACK

In order to manifest your interest, please send a motivation letter to adc@usalumni.md

Deadline 25th July, 2016

If you have questions, contact us adc@usalumni.md