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Speak UP, Youth Work, Kobuleti, Georgia

We are looking for 3 participants with the age 18-35 years old from per country. Totally will attend 3 participants to attend a training course in Georgia, Kobuleti in the period 14-22 October 2017. The target group is representatives of youth organizations (youth leaders, youth workers, volunteers, multipliers). They also should:

be18-35 years old;
be able to activly involve in the project;
be motivated and be able to attend the course for its full duration;
be able to work in English

The specific objectives are:

1.Offer specific competences to enable participants to build a strong brand image and communication strategy for their organization;
2.Explore the ways in which non-formal education and voluntary activities can be better promoted inparticipants communities and increase awareness on their value in order to attract more youth to them and receive support from stakeholders outside NGO environment;
3.Create strategies to raise awareness and understanding of the general public on what youth work is and the role of youth worker in the development process of youngsters.

Here are some of the sessions from the project: (The final time-table will be adapted based on participants profile, needs and expectations):

•Getting to know each other & Team building activities
•Programme introduction & Youthpass
•Boost your creativity!
•How to enter a creative disposition and set-up a creative working environment•What exactly is a brand?
•An NGOs branding strategy
•Social Media Tactics for NGOs
•PR techniques
•National Realities: Youth work, Volunteerism and Non-formal education
•Designing Campaigns aimed to promote non-formal education and volunteerism, and to raise awareness and understanding of the general public about what is youth work and what a youth worker does
•Erasmus + Programme Opportunities
• Inspiring Campaigns

Fill in the APPLICATION FORM. Deadline for sending your application 10th September.
For more information please check the INFOPACK.