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ERASMUS+ 10 țări descoperă creativitatea în Kobuleti, Georgia

Diversitatea culturală a fost celebrată în orașul Kobuleti, Goergia în perioada 14 – 22 octombrie, unde 30 de tineri veniți din 10 țări diferite din Europa s-au adunat pentru a participa la un Curs de formare (Training Course) finanțat de către programul ERASMUS+ .

Trainingul denumit „Speak Up Youth Work” a avut drept scop crearea unur strategii de branding și comunicare al ONG-urilor partenere. Strategiile create au oferit o imagine de ansamblu asupra importanței lucrului și lucrătorului de tineret și rolul acestuia în procesul de dezvoltarea a participii civice active a tinerilor.

Timp de o săptămână participanții au explorat noi metode de educație non-formală și tehnici creative de promovare a imaginii unei organizații sau a unor proiecte/programe de voluntariat. În cadrul sesiunilor au fost prezentată și „Asociația pentru Dezvoltare Creativă” și proiectele implementate de către asociație, precum: Wave Week Moldova, Odyssey of the Mind, eu aleg Moldova etc. Seara interculturală a permis participanților europeni să descopere cultura și mâncarea tradițională moldovenească, dar și vinul moldovenesc care a fost apreciat la valoare maximă.

La sfârșitul proiectului participanții, împărțiți în mai multe echipe, au creat campanii de promovare proprii pentru organizațiile din care vin și au evidențiat cele mai importante tehnici care le-ar ajută să creeze strategii de comunicare în cadrul acestora.
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ERASMUS+ Youth Exchange in Konya, Turkey

CDA is seeking for 6 motivated young people to attend the ”MEVLANA’S TOLERANCE GARDEN” Youth Exchange in the Frame of ERASMUS+, that will take place in Konya, Turkey, between 6-13th of July. The event is organized by CEO Countrywide Educational Organizations, with the support of European Commission.

The project is prepared by inspiring from the worldwide popular sentences of Mevlana “Come, come whoever you are.” and it is based on the values of Mevlana such as respect, love, peace, toleration and opponent of discrimination, pluralism. Our project aims to develop the relationship between our country and European countries relying on the toleration and respect in the European Union adjustment process. It also targets to destroy the negative thinking as islamophobia, becoming very popular.

The aims to make a significant contribution to struggles against Islamophobia, strengthening the social adaptation, preventing xenophobia and adopting the tolerance. During the project visits to local managements and political parties will be done, and the introduction of the democratic structure and positive steps of European Union membership process for youth will be promoted.

Participant Countries: Turkey, Italy, Greece, Moldova and Romania
Number of Participants (per team): 5
Number of Leaders (per team): 1
Target Group: 18 – 30 years old – (Leaders with no age limit)
Date: To be announced (First weeks of July is foreseen)
Venue: Konya / Turkey
Language: English
Participation Fee: 100 euro

You can find the INFOPACK HERE
If you are interested, send us your motivation letter to adc@usalumni.md.

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“Let’s go outside” – Training course or Teddy Bear’s Saga

Regardless, that I’d been at very few Erasmus+ projects (only two actually), I’ve noticed one rather special thing about them: people there get along much faster than they do in a regular context, and this training course isn’t an exception.

The little town of Băile Tuşnad (the smallest town in Romania) and its embracing peace-making atmosphere created a wonderful background for the event. The only spicy element of this idyll were the local bears that frequently and shamelessly had promenades around the place. This fact had a special weight when we (me and Alex (my trip partner)) had learned that we’d arrive there in the middle of the night without being sure where should we go after and if anybody had to meet us.

Foto credit: Vitalie Cîrhană
But let’s talk about the training itself. The first part of it consisted, mostly of theory regarding youth work and a set of outdoor activities for youngsters. But the really interesting things started when we had to apply the theory learned in practice. I still remember that freezing feeling when I was standing in front of a group of innocent children, scared as if they were a pack of grizzlies. Actually, everything went pretty fine, but our trainer (Vitalie) still had some little points to give us a bit of a hard time. Nevertheless, that wasn't the only exciting experience. Walking on a rope between trees, first by yourself, then in pares with somebody and after that a zigzag rope-road with a whole crowd on it and with 3 long sticks as the only support… I tell you, it’s really something. But what a cake without a cherry on top… For the final team-building we had to cross the Olt river on foot. Real water flow, real stones under it, there was no time for jokes (just kidding).

Regarding overall atmosphere, it was just awesome. That little space where we all gathered built really close ties between participants. We felt like a big family where each member came to another reality to clean and refresh his/her mind. But don’t forget about bears. They, literally, were paying us visits during training sessions and night walks through the town (but don’t worry, everyone is alive). I guess that feel of danger is one of the reasons why we got along so well.
What else can I say… That was cool.

P.S. Just keep calm and go ahead with Erasmus+.

By Silviu Ceban

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CDA is seeking ERASMUS+ participants: Coach`Em - supporting NEET young people through Coaching

CDA is seeking for 4 Russian-speaking participants for a 7 day Youth Exchange „Coach`Em — supporting NEET young people through Coaching”, that will take part in Latvia between 10th and 17th September 2016. Young people over 18 are, that are interested in the topic please send a motivation letter to adc@usalumni.md

”Coach`Em — supporting NEET young people through Coaching” Соcтоится в Латвии, в Рижском районе с 10.09.2016 по 17.09.2016г. (точное место проведения, будет уточнено в течении 2 недель о чем Мы сообщим отдельно).

Тема проекта Лайф-Коучинг, Коучинг для социально-активной молодежи — направленный на нахождение решения, на воплощение и наилучший результат.
— Кого бы мы хотели встретить в проекте? В первую очередь людей готовых быть искренними к себе и готовыми принимать искренность окружающих. Людей, которых легко называть друзьями.
— Что мы хотим, донести, чем поделиться, что поисследовать? Донести, ценность и доступность знаний, умение находить способы развиваться. Поделиться, инструментами и секретами своего мастерства. Исследовать, Ваш уникальный способ жить, воплощать,
наслаждаться результатом.
— Курс будет направлен, на работу с личными и профессиональными компетенциями. Во время 7 дневной программы, Вы ознакомитесь с такими, возможно новыми и полезными навыками как: умение задавать открытые вопросы, определять логические уровни и изменения личности, создавать поддерживающий потенциал в работе над проектами, принципы работы с критиками и многое другое.

Please send a motivation letter to adc@usalumni.md till 27th of august 18:00. Plese think well before sending your motivation letter. If you send it be aware that in case you are selected you should be able to attend the event.
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A r t G e n e r a t o r - Youth exchange for young artists

CDA is seeking for 5 motivated young people to attend a Youth Exchange in Georgia, between 10-21 September, 2016. Art Generator is a 10 day Youth Exchange conducted in Kobuleti, Georgia; The project aims to give competencies to young people (aged 18-30) to combat gender inequality through art and innovations. The YE will bring young people from organizations in the Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Latvia, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Ukraine, to shape them into young changemakers.

The project will be carried out using various methods of nonformal education that will create a platform for multiplying and sharing the gained competencies. The project involves both theoretical content and practice to establish a setting for developing new activities. Through this project we expect a long-term benefit on the communities of the involved countries by having young leaders who actually can have an impact on them in terms of gender equality in society.

The youth exchange will bring 32 young people and 8 group leaders with the professional or semi-professional background in different kind of art from the organizations in 8 countries to shape them into young change makers through self-expression about gender issues. Our targeted participants for the youth exchange are young artists, photographers, painters, musicians, representatives of different kind of art, professional and semi-professional artists who would like to perform their art pieces during the youth exchange in Kobuleti.

More information about the program you will find in the INFOPACK

In order to manifest your interest, please send a motivation letter to adc@usalumni.md

Deadline 25th July, 2016

If you have questions, contact us adc@usalumni.md
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"Growing Tree” - international training course for coordinators of volunteers and Erasmus+ projects

CDA is seeking for 3 participants for attending an international training course in Czech Republic, in the period 16-25 July, 2016. The project «Growing Tree » is a training course that will host 24 participants from 8 different countries in the beautiful countryside of the Czech Republic. The project aims to increase competences of the coordinators of volunteers and Erasmus+ projects who are responsible for participants selection, evaluation of their learning and involvement of youth leaders.

Growing Tree is a mobility of youth workers which aims to support motivated youth workers, youth leaders and coordinators of volunteers who would like to improve their work with young people within Erasmus+ program. We would like to avoid project travelers whose primary aim is to have fun and see the world and focus on participants whose organizations and groups can benefit from their participation in the Growing Tree training course.


The project will gather 24 participants ( 3 representatives from each country) from — Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Macedonia, Georgia, Italy, Moldova and Romania. Participants should be over 18 years old and there is no upper limit. They should be active Erasmus+ coordinators and volunteer coordinators in their sending organizations. Participants should work in sending organization for Erasmus+ projects and they should be the key members or responsible for human resources or work with volunteers or be responsible for public relations. Participants should have good command of English, and be willing and committed to work hard :-)

Please fill in the application form till 4th of June, 18:00.

More information on the project you will find accessing the INFOPACK.
Referință: https://sway.com/rXARy2CXuPsCfeXq | trecerea prin referinta: 1515
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Be Super Social! We are still looking for 3 motivated participants from Moldova.

In the era of social media and constant access to internet the concept of ‘socializing’ has changed dramatically. It is no longer sufficient to meet in person and discuss current issues face to face with a couple of people. Nowadays, if you want to have your voice heard, you need to create networks, manage contacts, display content and most importantly – be social in the social media. But is this ‘shouting contest’ anyway useful in the youth work? The project ‘Super Social” is designed precisely to find that out.

— If you are interested in social media mechanisms and tools used in your daily activity;
— You want to know how to build strong social campaigns (both in social and ‘traditional’ media);
— You want to create innovative ways of promotion that are relevant both for NGOs and in business sector;
— If you wonder how can gamification be used as a method for engaging youth and stakeholders;
— If you want to explore technical tools in photography and videography;
— You have to share experience and knowledge on social issues with other participants from different countries and initiate future partnership;
— If you want your sense of entrepreneurship get stimulated…

APLLY for the Eramsus + Training Course «Super Social. Training course for youth workers», that will take part in Armenia, during 24-31 October, 2015. The activity is organized by Institute for Eastern Initiatives and Stepanavan Youth Centre.

More information about the Training Course, find it in the INFOPACK

Apply by filling in the FORM!

If you are interested in participating please send the form to our partner orgasation from Moldova, CREATORII represented by Vergiliu Grosu vergiliu.grosu@gmail.com no later than Sunday, 04.10.2015.
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ERASMUS+ Program, YOUTH EXCHANGE: Puppets & Play - puppetry as a pedagogical tool of learning, Denmark

Puppets & Play — puppetry as a pedagogical tool of learning, is an Erasmus + project, that will be held in Sadvig, Denmark, between August 27 (arrival day) and 6 of September (departure day).

The project aims to put together young people from Northern parts of Europe that are losing touch with their cultural heritage and crafts and have limited skills in crafting, but are hugely experienced in thinking inventively and creatively using a broad specter of digital tools, with groups from South East Europe with some practical crafting skills who need inspiration to develop their creativity and innovation skills and to become more accustomed to using digital tools.

This project will provide both kind of groups opportunities to improve social competences cultural awareness and tools of problem solving through the tools of puppetry, crafts and creativity. The project aims to have a positive impact on society by empowering youngsters through learning by doing and taking initiative by giving the youngsters methods of reflection that will spark an awareness of possibilities helping materializing dreams.

The project sets these objectives:

(1) to give tools for making puppets and performances;
(2) to unlock creative barriers;
(3) to foster a DIY-attitude;
(4) to install confidence to take on life challenges;
(5) to engage in cultural exchange;
(6) to give space for breaking limits.

To make this project into a successful one we’re looking for participants who can contribute with a god will and interest in learning about their own and other's culture, rites and history. The participants will be young people in the age 15-22 who interested in crafts, arts and the appliance of digital technology in the arts.

1. Experience or interest in puppetry/storytelling;
2. Creative input;
3. Crafting skills;
4. Cultural heritage, history and folklore, are an advantage!

For applying, we expect you to fill in the APPLICATION FORM!

See the AGENDA of the event, and the HOTEL in which the participants will be hosted. The food and the accommodation are covered 100% by the hosting organization, and the travel costs reimbursement is done according to the ERASMUS + rules.

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Group in Action – Training course on group dynamics and group facilitation

CDA is seeking for 4 participants, 2 male and 2 female, for a Training Course that will be held in Georgia on group dynamics and group facilitation.

KA1 – Mobility of youth workers, Training Course
Borjomi, Georgia, 26.08.15 — 03.09.15

Project Summary:

This training course will bring together 32 youth workers from 10 different organizations to train them in group facilitation and group dynamics by using outdoor education and experiential learning methods. The participants will go through an experiential learning circle and develop both inter- and intra -personal awareness by developing practical and theoretical knowledge and skills in working with groups.

In doing so we hope that the youth workers will improve their work with social disadvantaged youth since the participants will have improved the knowledge, skills and competences in working with groups and hereby have gained a understanding of what is going on in group dynamics. The project aims to give the participants the opportunity to develop practical skills in the facilitation of groups and hereby improving the quality of inclusive youth work.


— To experience and reflect upon real-life processes of a group.
— To gain a deeper theoretical and practical understanding of the dynamics of group processes.
— To gain practical tools and methods for group facilitation.
— Develop cross-cultural awareness by providing structured space for sharing, experiencing and
addressing inter cultural learning.
— Developing teamwork, leadership and cooperation

Working language: English

Location: Borjomi, Georgia

Conditions: Accommodation, meals and activity costs will be financed 100% through the Erasmus+ Programme. Roundtrip travel costs will be reimbursed according to the Erasmus+ rules as presented below:
Distance between 100 – 499 km: 180 Euros/participant
Distance between 500 – 1999 km: 275 Euros/participant
Distance between 2000 – 2999 km: 360 Euros/participant
Distance between 3000 – 3999 km: 530 Euros/participant
Distance between 4000 – 7999 km: 820 Euros/participant
More than 8000 km: 1100 Euros/participant

You can find the Informational Package HERE
If you want to apply, please send the completed application form to adc@usalumni.md, with the title: Erasmus+ Georgia, Borjomi, Application form.