Designing and carrying out the Pilot Educational Programme in the VET schools on renewable energy and energy efficiency .

Launch date: 27 July 2015, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)

Deadline: 13 August 2015, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)

Procurement method: Request for Proposal

Category: Consulting services

The main objective of the assignment is to support Ministry of Education MEBP in its efforts to build the capacity of teachers to carry out pilot educational modules for VET students and to design educational and support materials for the pilot modules within the identified occupations. Further, an international study visit to one European country will be conducted to showcase best practices and relevant examples of integrating biomass related occupations in the VET educational system.

To meet all these needs MEBP, seeks to contract a service provider with extensive experience in designing methodological support for teachers and delivering trainings and workshops throughout the country for teachers from the VET sector.

Offers can be submitted either in hard copy, or electronically. Offers received by fax will be rejected. Incomplete offers shall not be examined.

a) Documents/offers in hard copy need to be submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed to:
UNDP Moldova

131, 31 August 1989 Street, MD-2012, Chisinau
Attention: Registry Office/Procurement

b) Offers sent electronically need to be addressed to the following e-mail address:

Ms. Lina Acalugaritei.
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