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Vote for ”Do it for Bunica” team!!!

«Do it for Bunica» is striving to create an online platform that connects migrant workers from Moldova to local youth helpers, which they can «hire» in order to help elderly family members that they have left behind in Moldova with anything from working in the garden to cleaning around the house. Think of it as Airbnb but instead of finding apartment, you find local youth helpers for your loved ones.

Do it for Bunica, or «Do it for Grandma» in English, has already made it into the semi-finals where only 10 teams remain from around the world. But now we need your help! Online voting for the pitches has started today and continues until February 24th when the top 3 finalist are announced. If Do it for Bunica is in the top three they will be invited to the US to compete in the international finals for a grand prize of up to $10,000 to start their social venture.

If you could spread the love within the strong ADC, Wave Week and Spark the Wave communities and whomever else you think would be interested, we would be forever grateful. Two of the team members are Wave Week Moldova Alumni — Victoria Bradescu 2015 delegate and Vladlen Grecu — 2014 delegate and 2015/2016 SIT. Feel free to use this as an opportunity to promote our successes with the youth in Moldova and the continued development of our alumni.

— On the Facebook event where we will be posted daily reminders for voting.
— Additionally, here is the direct link to their pitch where you can vote for Do it for Bunica
— To keep in touch and see the updates, like their Facebook Page
— If you would like to see the competition in the semi-finals, you can find all the pitches HERE

You can vote once each day until the winners are announced on February 24th.