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Exclusive Interview with H.E. William H. Moser

Your Excellency, we thank you for the interview and all your support to the Alumni community!

CDA: If to compare to all the countries that you had a chance to live and work in, what makes Moldova special for you?

H.E. W. H. Moser: Moldova has some of the friendliest people in the world. With Moldovans’ appreciation for wine comes a warmth of spirit and welcoming attitude that makes foreigners feel at home in their country.

CDA: Would you please tell us about the most impressive or memorable experience you had with Moldovans?

H.E. W. H. Moser: Recently the United States sponsored a bike ride dow the newly renovated M2 highway, which was supported by the Millennium Challenge Compact. We wanted to actively commemorate handing over the gift of this new road from the American people to the Moldovan people. I rode the 93 kilometers from Soroca to Sarateni with Moldovans from many communities along the way. When I had a chance to talk to people along the M2 road that day, I realized just what an incredible accomplishment the U.S. had helped Moldova achieve. One woman said of the road, that in the span of one year, she had gone from living in the Soviet Union to the European Union. I will never forget that quote, and I will never forget the feeling of jubilation that day at the completion of this new road. I truly hope it will be a symbol of our support and partnership with Moldova for many years to come.

CDA: Moldova is a small country, but how is it viewed from the other side of the Atlantic?

H.E. W. H. Moser: One of the most amazing things is how Moldova’s profile in the U.S. has grown in the three years I have been here. Three years ago I had to explain where Moldova was on a map. Now people are actively asking me about Moldova. Some of that of course is because of the Russian embargoes on moldovan imports and the crisis in neighboring Ukraine. However, some of the difference is due to Moldova raising its profile in international markets. Just this week a major TV station in the United States featured Moldovan wines – that’s something I could not have imagined happening three years ago.

CDA: Throughout the years you offered your great support to the alumni community in Moldova. What would be your message to over 4000 Moldovan alumni today?

H.E. W. H. Moser: For the alumni there is a message that bears repeating and that is: stay engaged! Stay engaged in the political process.
Hold your officials accountable. Try to make your communities a better place — not just for yourselves, but for your children, and your children’s children. I promise you won’t regret it.

CDA: If you were to characterize all the projects and initiatives implemented by alumni in Moldova in recent year using just three adjectives, what would those be?

H.E. W. H. Moser: Dedicated, innovative and resourceful.

CDA: At the end of your tour, what will you take from Moldova home with you?

H.E. W. H. Moser: I will always treasure the Honor Award I recently received from the President of Moldova. It is something I will proudly display in my next office. Of course I will also take many fantastic memories with me. And, I want to remind all the alumni that I have lots of photos with them, and I will be taking those with me as reminders of all the wonderful events and projects we worked on together.
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United by being alumni - reception at the ambassador's house

#CDA is thankful for all the support that US Government, represented by H.E. Ambassador William H. MOSER, offered to Moldovan people!!!
The alumni network is a good exemple of active citizenship and bright ideas. This time too, H.E. William H. MOSER, Ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Moldova, gave the opportunity to alumni, by inviting them in his house, to consolidate their relationships and to make them to feel a power!!!