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"equALLizer" Youth Exchange in Georgia for young musicians, DJ-s, sound engineers, producers

CDA is looking for 5 young people to take part at an international project, in the frames of ERASMUS+. «equALLizer» is an 8 days Youth Exchange conducted close to Tbilisi the capital of Georgia from 19 of June 2016 till 26 of June 2016. The project aims to foster mutual understanding, raise the awareness of cultural diversity between young people from different countries through art and culture and achieve cultural dialogue between them through turning them in a process of planning, preparing and conducting the music festival.

The youth exchange will bring 24 young people and 8 group leaders with the professional or semiprofessional background in the electronic music from the organizations in 6 countries to shape them into young change-makers through music and more specifically electronic music.

Our targeted participants for the youth exchange are young musicians, DJ-s, sound engineers, producers, professional and semi-professional artists who would like to perform their art pieces during the festival in Tbilisi.

Read all the useful information about the project in the INFOPACK

To take part at the Youth Exchange, fill in the APPLICATION FORM, and send it to adc@usalumni.md. Please use the title: equALLizer, Application form, Surname/Name